SIT Meeting Dates

To access our plan:

1. Go to:

2. Click “User Login” on the right side near the top. This takes you to a new screen where you can access our plan.

3.  Type in Username & Password.  Both are LTS16645 for NLHS.

4.  Click on: Reports/Wiseways/Indicators & Rubrics Tab.  (second from left)

5.  There’s a white box that reads “Student Success Indicators”  Reports are listed under that heading. Choose #3 – “ Comprehensive Plan Report”

2017-2018 School Year 
August 23          Opening Meeting
September 7     SIT Work Session
September 13   SIT Meeting
October 9          SIT Work Session
October 11        SIT Meeting
November 13    SIT Work Session
November 15    SIT Meeting
December 11    SIT Work Session
December 13    SIT Meeting
January 8          SIT Work Session
January 10        SIT Meeting
February 12      SIT Work Session
February 14      SIT Meeting
March 12          SIT Work Session
March 14          SIT Meeting
April 16             SIT Work Session
April 18             SIT Meeting
May 14             SIT Work Session
May 16             SIT Meeting
June 13            Planning for 2018-2019 School Year